10 Shaving Tips Every Man Should Know

It can be frustrating dealing with a bad shave. If you’ve been dealing with those irritating bumps and nicks a little too frequently, you will probably be relieved to know that the shaving process doesn’t have to sting so much. Unfortunately, there are a number of shaving tips on the internet that are posting inaccurate information about the best ways to shave. Here at Barber Shop Brand, we hope to separate some of those myths from facts through this series of shaving tips.

Some people believe that once they start shaving, they will need to continue doing so, even during winters. This is just a myth. As a matter of fact, shaving is merely the shortening of hair extremely close to the skin. It will have no effect on the way your hair grows from inside. It might be a good time to also mention that shaving again and again does not mean your hair will come back thicker. It might feel different but that’s because it is just cut at an angle. Once your hair returns to its prior length, you will realize that it isn’t much different from what it was before.

The next in our series of shaving tips is for those who have come to believe that shaving with soap or even just water is just as effective as using a proper shaving foam. Shaving gels and foams are designed so that they can soften the skin so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable close shave. Water also softens your skin, but only does so momentarily. By the time your razor is in position to do its job, your skin will be too hard to facilitate a close shave. Soap, on the other hand, is designed to clean, and not soften your skin.