How to Apply Body Lotion Effectively

The benefits of using a good body lotion are well-documented, but what most people do not know is that these advantages can only be availed if body lotion is applied effectively. This guide aims to help people learn the ins and outs of applying body lotion effectively so that they can enjoy cleaner, healthier and softer skin!

The first thing you need to keep in mind before applying lotion on your body is that it is not advisable to rush the process. If you try applying body lotion in 5-10 minutes, you probably will not be able to cover all parts of your body, and you will not enjoy the full extent of benefits associated with their use.

The most efficient way to apply body lotion is to work on each part of your body individually. Only take the amount of lotion you need for a particular part of your body at any one time. The best technique is to start from the ankles, and slowly move up to the neck. Make sure you give each part of your body enough attention.

While you are applying the body lotion to your body, try to use a circular motion. Do not use excessive pressure, but instead, apply light pressure from the palm of your hand. For your face, apply the lotion with your fingers and make sure you avoid your mouth, nose and eyes. When applying body lotion to your feet, massage both the top and heel of your foot with slightly more pressure. Wear a pair of socks after applying lotion to your feet.

Most people forget to apply body lotion on their hands, and particularly their fingers. Make sure you at least rub whatever lotion there is remaining onto your fingers, wrists and palm. Once you are done, do not wash your body for at least a few hours. It is actually advisable to apply body lotion on yourself as soon as you have taken a bath so that you let the moisture stay on your skin for as long as possible.

Style your Hair with Gel at Home

Do you often find yourself trying to make your hair look good in a short amount of time? For a busy working person, visiting a hair stylist on a daily basis is not an option. That is why learning how to style your hair with gel is a skill that will benefit you for a long time to come.The best thing about using hair gel for styling your hair is that it works on literally every kind of hair, be it curly, straight, long or short. You just need to make sure you buy a hair gel that suits your hair and make sure you know how to apply it in the most effective way for the cut and quality of hair that you boast.

The reason why you can quickly style your hair with gel and make it look great is because it can make your hair stick in any position you like. If you are styling your hair using hair gel, you should first make sure that you apply it to your hair while it is wet. It is essential to make sure that all strands of your hair are covered in gel if you want your style to look consistent and professionally done. The best way to ensure that this happens is to apply gel on each strand of your hair from the root to the tip.

If you want your hair to have a wet look to it, you should let your hair dry naturally after you apply gel to it. in order to add volume to your hair, you should take a blow dryer immediately after applying gel and blow against the position in which your hair normally sets. This will allow it to poor up more than usual once the gel sets. You can also style your hair with gel in such a way that it becomes curled. Just apply gel and then tie your hair in a tight braid until it dries. Once you open your braid, your hair will curl up beautifully.

Barber Shop Brand The Works Trio

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What is the Barber Shop Brand The Works Trio?

Barber Shop Brand The Works Trio is formulated with with Natural Herbal extracts and 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil. Utilizing essential fatty acids from Hemp Seed Oil, minerals, natural proteins and plus the natural healing properties of Aloe Vera, this body lotion leaves the skin hydrated, nourished and feeling healthy and non greasy.

It is recommended to the lotion as an aftershave in addition to the body lotion. The Barber Shop Brand Body Lotion helps sooth and calm your face, helping it recover from the harshness of shaving.

We took a simple approach when developing our after shave by omitting any colors, heavy fragrances or greasy additives. Only natural essential oils and extracts are used.

This calms your skin after shaving, leaving your skin feeling clean and ready to take on the day. It is a great hand and foot lotion that works into your skin easily.

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