How to Apply Body Lotion Effectively

The benefits of using a good body lotion are well-documented, but what most people do not know is that these advantages can only be availed if body lotion is applied effectively. This guide aims to help people learn the ins and outs of applying body lotion effectively so that they can enjoy cleaner, healthier and softer skin!

The first thing you need to keep in mind before applying lotion on your body is that it is not advisable to rush the process. If you try applying body lotion in 5-10 minutes, you probably will not be able to cover all parts of your body, and you will not enjoy the full extent of benefits associated with their use.

The most efficient way to apply body lotion is to work on each part of your body individually. Only take the amount of lotion you need for a particular part of your body at any one time. The best technique is to start from the ankles, and slowly move up to the neck. Make sure you give each part of your body enough attention.

While you are applying the body lotion to your body, try to use a circular motion. Do not use excessive pressure, but instead, apply light pressure from the palm of your hand. For your face, apply the lotion with your fingers and make sure you avoid your mouth, nose and eyes. When applying body lotion to your feet, massage both the top and heel of your foot with slightly more pressure. Wear a pair of socks after applying lotion to your feet.

Most people forget to apply body lotion on their hands, and particularly their fingers. Make sure you at least rub whatever lotion there is remaining onto your fingers, wrists and palm. Once you are done, do not wash your body for at least a few hours. It is actually advisable to apply body lotion on yourself as soon as you have taken a bath so that you let the moisture stay on your skin for as long as possible.