Introducing the Barber Shop brand

Hello and welcome to our blog. If you somehow misread the website address you may be forgiven for thinking this is the home of some kind of Barber shop quartet, famed for their harmonious singing, but sorry – its Barber Shop brand (not band).

So what is Barber Shop brand all about?

In the delightful town of Murrieta, Ca. you will find Eugene’s Babershop at 40675 California Oaks Road but in addition to our daily routine of styling, trimming, shaving and just about anything asked of us, we have our very own line of products under the banner of “Barber Shop brand”. Many hairdressers, barber shops and styling salon’s provide a straight-forward hairdressing service, quite often using branded sprays, lotions etc. that are not always freely available to the general public, although there is often a request to be able to buy these products.

That is where Barber Shop brand comes in to play so we developed our own brand that we use “in-house” that has been very popular and made available to our patrons or anyone else who cares to try them out. On our website you will find our most popular products that include shave cream, after shave body lotion, and the ultra slick shave cream.

Now we have introduced our Barber shop in Murrieta and a quick overview of our products let’s focus on the detail of just one of them.

Barber Shop brand – Ultra slick shave cream 8oz

This has been an ever popular choice since the day we launched the Barber Shop brand name about 10 years ago. It is a quite unique blend that requires minimal application. It looks very much like a lotion, although is a viscous cream. All you need is a thin layer over your facial hair to allow the razor blade to simply glide across the skin without causing any irritation.